No, I Did Not Stop Blogging Because We Got Pregnant

I’ve just been super busy the last month and a half! I know, excuses, excuses.

I participated in a Dale Carnegie class through my job for a duration of six weeks, and oh man was that intense. It is safe to say I will never go back to school again. At least not while working. I seriously felt like I was in college with all the reading we had to do, plus I had to give at least one speech a week, sometimes two. (Ok, they were only two minutes long, but still! I don’t speak in front of people!) Thank the Lord I passed. Of course I had to reward myself for my efforts 🙂 :

dale carnegie pic

Then, after the class was over and I had reclaimed my evenings, I filled them with planning for our vacation. Am I the only one that stresses about the vacation until you are actually on the vacation? I was making lists all over the place and trying to plan for everything that would/could happen, especially since we were driving for 14 hours. I think a normal person would look forward to the vacation instead of stressing while planning it. But as we know, I am a worrier and apparently enjoy the stress. Back on topic, my younger sister got married on the beach in Florida!! And we decided to make a week-long trip out of it. It was a beautiful wedding and pretty great weather all week. I often find myself daydreaming at work about being back there….


So now that I’m back in the real world to my normal life, I wanted to post an update.

Last month was the official two-year mark of us trying to get pregnant. I fully expected to have a mental breakdown and ask God, why us? But I didn’t. I was actually very at peace about it. Yes, it was a little frustrating to think that we hit two years when I never ever thought we would be on this journey in the first place. But for the most part, I was content with what was happening and what we are trying.

I have been on the Young Living Oil cleanse now for just under a month. It’s call the Cleansing Trio and can be found here. I am following the cleanse plan outlined by Dr. Deardeuff in the book Inner Transformations Using Essential Oils. The Essentialzyme is packed with enzymes that help break up plaque in the colon and absorb toxins, and you take that three times a day in between meals. The Comfortone you take in the morning and at bed time, working up to a certain number of pills right for you, and this helps restore peristalsis to the colon. After that is restored, you start with the ICP by mixing it in juice or water and drinking it twice a day. This helps to kind of scour your colon to get toxins and junk out. The key to this is drinking lots and lots and lots of water. At the beginning I felt water logged, but now I feel pretty good. For those of you that know me, you will be shocked by this statement: apple juice does not quench my thirst anymore. Eek! Crazy, right? I mainly only drink water now. But anyway, the goal of the cleanse is to pass the mucoid plaque that is lining your colon. Sounds kinda scary to me, but I am told it is supposed to be a gentle process. Dr. Deardeuff states that all but a few of her patients that have completed this cleanse have become pregnant shortly after. So I have high hopes!

I am also using the Progessence Plus serum to see if that will help as well. I have heard stories about it helping women become pregnant, as well as other added benefits like sleeping better, reducing acne, and reducing PMS symptoms.

When I first started the cleanse and the Progessence, I had a terrible headache for about two days. I was told that was because all these toxins were being released from my body. Since then, I have not had one headache, and I used to get one a week. Also, I feel I have been sleeping better and through the night. I used to wake up in the middle of the night for really no reason, and it would take me 30 minutes to go back to sleep. I don’t do that anymore. Another benefit I’ve seen, which I don’t know why this would be related, is my back pain has reduced. So I’m not sure what is a result of just the cleanse or just the serum, but I am starting to become a believer.

We will see how it goes, but I really feel this is the path God wants us to take right now. As I expressed in my last post, I was not pleased with my last doctor appointment and I have not been back since. I still believe we are supposed to be trying more natural treatment options, so I will give this a few months and then go from there. I have not gone to a fertility chiropractor yet, but I am going to look into that soon.

Prayers are appreciated as we continue on this difficult but someday rewarding journey!